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Jazz shoes

Jazz shoes are comfortable and stretchy shoes that are used by ladies and gentlemen for jazz dance. In order to improve the mobility of the feet with the jazz dancers and jazz dancers, they usually have a split leather sole.

Classification of the category jazz shoes

Jazz shoes have to be as comfortable as possible and have a perfect fit on the foot. It is important to choose the shoe carefully. Depending on whether the shoes are intended for competitions or for training, there are a variety of models.

Colors and materials

Jazz shoes are usually in relatively simple colors, such as

  • black
  • Gray
  • White or
  • Skin color,

because the dance is the artist’s representation in the foreground and the colors are easy to combine. Fancier variants with glitter are an eye-catcher in the competition, but not necessarily suitable in training.

Jazz shoes should be lightweight and flexible, so they are made of fine leather and have a very reduced interior padding. They are almost like a second skin on the foot.

Shapes and closure

They exist

the most common variant,

  • as half-boots and
  • as reduced variants of a shoe,

such as a half-sole that supports the foot. For lacing or with stretch insert for easy slip into the shoe, they can be used quickly on the floor. The soles are particularly important because you perform jazz-dance on mostly slippery surfaces.


Split or continuous leather soles provide flexibility, while rubber soles in the same shape variants guarantee a bit more grip. However, there are also combinations of both, for example, a suede sole with rubber attachment.

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