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Key Chain

Keychains are particularly suitable as small gifts. They are available in all imaginable shapes, colors and designs. Some key fobs also have a functional benefit, such as small flashlights.

Classification of the category key fob

A key fob facilitates the assignment of a key. So the key fob usually consists of a metal ring to which the key is attached, and a pendant.

Identification of a key fob

Depending on the type of key fob, it can be noted on the trailer to which lock the key belongs. For example, in large hotels, keys are identified by the is noted on the key fob. But you can as well

  • Names and names such as “cellar” or “safe”

used to mark the key.

Useful for finding a key

Another aspect of the key fob is that it increases the size of the key. This way, when he is wanted, he can be found more easily. Even in a container such as a bag or bag, a key fob facilitates finding the small key itself.

Particularly noteworthy here are key rings that give an audible signal when the seeker whistles. So the key can be found even faster.

As a souvenir or gift

Keyrings are also often bought as souvenirs. Then the pendant is designed in a form, for example in a lettering, a striking building or a landmark.

Thus, key fobs are also gladly given away as souvenirs, lucky charms or talismans. Because of the many forms in which the key fob can occur, it is also like collected.

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