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Lace ankle boots for women

Lace ankle boots are a wonderful unusual variant of the trendy short boots and stand out because of their unusual shoe cap shape directly in the eye. They are offered for both women and men and are therefore available in the usual shoe sizes. For children, this cut is chosen less often, so young girls have to dodge the shoe department of the ladies if they want to wear this tasteful boot model.

The most common shoe cap types – from pointy to round

The favored shape of the toe is a fashion-related phenomenon and is subject to the latest trends and thus a constant change. Just like the height and width of the shaft and the type and height of the heel, the shape of the toe has a not inconsiderable effect on the shoe Overall impression of the shoe and thus also on the overall look of the wearer. Both in men's footwear and in the ladies different shapes are always modern for some time and appear increasingly in the collections. However, certain shoe types traditionally have a pointed toe, such as Western boots.

The Shape of the toe is not only fashion-dependent, but also creates a certain look.

The ladies are mainly Models with rounded toe or pointed toe caps offered for sale. Rounded front caps give the shoe a soft touch, look girlish and playful and visually do not extend the foot. They are also preferred in the design of children's shoes.

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