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Lace-up boots

Lace-up boots are fashionable boots for lacing. The half-high or even knee-reaching boots are mostly made of high quality leather. In addition to lace-up boots for the winter, there are also extravagant lace-up boots for warm days.

Classification of the category lace-up boots

Lace-up boots are a special form of the boot, which are special, that they are held with the help of lacing the leg. Just like the boots, the lace-up boot also depends on the fashion in question.

Different versions

Its shape varies as well as the height and shape of the heel according to the purpose or the fashion.

work boots

Laced boots in the field of work have a special significance. Because they belong to the protective clothing that many professional sectors such as construction workers have to wear. An important criterion here is that the lace-up boots in the area of ​​the forefoot be further reinforced, for example by steel caps. A criterion in the selection of the boot for the protective work clothing is also its particularly good grip on the foot. As a result, it guarantees a good and safe stand even in difficult situations, but also in problematic ground conditions.

Fashionable boots

In the field of fashion, the lace-up boot is always the topic, so every year there are numerous new models that reinterpret this classic of fashion. Often, however, especially with very high boots, the lacing is only attached to the ornament, so that the actual task of closing the shoe is fulfilled by a side-mounted zipper. This is mainly due to practical reasons, since lacing with many holes is time-consuming when putting on the shoe.

Lace-ups also have an erotic component. Above all, the endlessly long models provide material for men’s fantasies. So the lace-up boots can also bring new whistle in retracted situations.

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