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Leather skirts

Leather skirts are often extravagant and unusual designed skirts for ladies, which are made of very different types of leather. They are often with rivets or similar. decorated and are usually worn with matching and eye-catching belt.

Classification of the category leather skirts

Skirts are already pretty sensual garments, they offer the viewer but sexy views of the legs, hips and bottom. Almost erotic charisma comes to them, even if they are made of leather. The narrow skirt shapes in particular clearly demonstrate how cuddly and crisp the natural material can encase the body without constricting.

Material properties and combination options

These skirts are always glove soft, smooth leather used. In order to increase the load capacity and to ensure the correct fit, they are usually provided with a thin, silky lining material. the leather mini is certainly not to excel, only he is only very conditionally as an everyday model – at best to opaque tights or leggings. With his somewhat provocative aura, he probably remains reserved for passionate rocker brides or very fashionable ladies.

Knee-length pencil skirts or those in Italian length (up to half calf) have in contrast even already made their way into business fashion. Exclusive workmanship, a matte look and muted colors, combined with classic blouses and moderately high heels give the wearer a tantalizing charm, without any masculine touch. The velvety surface of suede makes for a more soft, very feminine look.

Because of the beautiful fall, it is often used for wide, ankle-length skirts, typical of the country look. Unfortunately, this variant is somewhat more susceptible to dirt or cracks and should therefore be regularly impregnated and never collapsed to avoid breakage.

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