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Leather sneaker for ladies

In the 20th century, the advertising specialist Henry Nelson Mc Kinney invented the sneakers. In the 1950s, teenage chill and superstar James Dean took pictures with sneakers and ran into the shops. The original reason for the youth to wear sneakers was the desire to defend themselves against the adult world and to shock them, as it was then the rule to wear leather shoes. In addition, the was maintenance effort the sneaker much lower and due to mass production, these athletic shoes were quite cheap.


Leather sneakers were successfully introduced



Ultimately, the sneaker prevailed in the 80s and was accepted in everyday life. After that, these shoes did not just look synthetic fiber but sneakers were also made leather introduced. This made the shoe even more fashionable and elegant, but the leather sneaker is still one of them sportive area,


Even today, many office workers are wearing a leather sneaker for their suit less stiff to Act and the To relax outfit, At the beginning, sneakers were mainly worn by teenagers, but also due to the noble style of the leather sneakers, more and more adults are now accessing the fashion shoe. Leather sneakers are available for men, women and also for children.

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