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Leather tops

Not only friends of the Wild West or motorcycle enthusiasts will find leather tops, even modern women who like to wear leather and fancy or extravagant clothes are well advised with a normal or cropped leather top.

Classification of the category leather tops

As a top one calls a rather narrow, sleeveless for ladies. It is provided with more or less wide straps (spaghetti or Ringer form), but also comes with halter neck or completely strapless. The name comes from the English and refers originally to any form of female outerwear.


A special form is the leather top. The rather untypical for tops material gives the wearer a very individual, exclusive look. High-quality workmanship is particularly important – but leather tops are usually worn on the bare skin. Nothing should slip, flutter, pinch or curl up.

To ensure maximum comfort, leather tops are sewn from very fine, thin leather. They should nestle like a second skin and therefore may not be stiff and inflexible. In addition, it is important that side and hem seams are not bulging, so provide unsightly pressure points and also apply.

Leather is breathable, but it does not absorb moisture – sweat – and tends to widen body heat. Leather tops are therefore lined with lightweight cotton fabrics that prevent sweat spots on suede and unsightly slipping.

possible combinations

True to style, she “combines” a leather top

It also fits well

of any kind. Depending on the design, it is more or less suitable for everyday use. A black leather top with rivets and / or rhinestone embellishments is part of the disco or rock events, a simple white or cream colored part of suede appears to rock and blazer almost festive.

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