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What are loafers?

Definition: Loafers is a unisex shoe category that includes college shoes, also called penny browsers. They are one of the more conservative types of shoes and used to be worn exclusively by men. Meanwhile, they are also available for ladies to buy. Loafers are usually made of leather and are characterized by two characteristics out:

  1. Loafers belong to the slip-on shoes.
  2. They have a low heel.

Sometimes shoe styles inspire each other: this is exactly the case with the Loafers, on the basis of which Coutouriers were produced, the fancier variant of the penny zebra. Coutouriers have a higher heel and are often made of smooth leather.


What is the difference between moccasins and loafers?

As similar as the two types of shoes may be: Loafers by definition have a heel, but moccasins do not.

Can you put loafers in the office?

The loafer is for men as a casual shoe, because he is cut out. For women, there are less strict fashion rules in the office than for men, so this shoe is ideal as a solid and serious footwear for the office. Loafers give timeless elegance during their free time.

Why can you combine loafers?

Beautiful contrasts can be set if you look at them dark blue jeans combined. Biederkeit and nonchalance pair here. Pennybeans are especially classy Linen trousers, provocative to short skirt. Since they are not only in muted colors, Loafers can give the various outfits accents.

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