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Long Sleeve Shirt

Long sleeve shirts, often referred to as longsleeves, are currently very popular with young men and women. They are not only ideal as a thin  suitable, but also for wearing under short-sleeved shirt or polo shirt.

Classification of the category Long sleeve shirts

Well-worn and much loved – long sleeve shirts enjoy a large fan base and can be found in almost every wardrobe. They are often referred to as “longsleeve” or “long-sleeved”.

Cut and materials

On average, they are most likely to be compared with T-shirts, except that here the arm is just covered to the wrist. Their basic shape is reminiscent of narrow-fitting, discreetly tailored, lightweight pullovers.

Usually they consist of thin, supple cotton material, possibly with low synthetic fiber additives for better fit and dimensional stability. The neckline is rather close to the neck in men’s models and runs round or v-shaped, possibly with button placket. Ladies are also available larger cut-outs in round or square versions.

wearing styles

Long sleeve shirts will be

worn, but also like

  • under short-sleeved T-shirts,

so that the long sleeves and possibly a part of the neckline look out. This very fashionable form of wear is also the “doublelayer” look ajar, with simple T-shirts are equipped with sewn-in long sleeves and double cutting edge. This gives the impression that two parts are being carried over one another, even though it is only one.


The design of long sleeve shirts ranges from

  • plain-monochromatic to
  • brightly colored and extravagant.

Very often sleeves, seams and seams in contrasting colors are discontinued, in addition, there are often large-area logos or logos on the chest, back or upper arm. These may be brand names or slogans as well as logos of music bands, sports clubs and the like. Because of the sporty-modern appearance, long sleeve shirts are more likely to be associated with leisure wear and are preferred by young or even young people.

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