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Low shoes

Loafers are probably the most commonly worn shoes, by adults as well as children. The closed shoes reaching down to the ankle are mainly made of leather and provided with lace or velcro.

Classification of the loafer category

Characteristic of the shoe is not about its shape, but only the fact that the shank of the shoe only just below the ankle reaches.

Differences in sales and form

The forms in which low shoes are offered, are many. Some have a heel up to 5 inches others are quite flat. And also the shape of the tip can vary with the respective fashion. There are very pointed shoes, semicircular but also angular models, so that the taste of the carrier is virtually limitless.


In addition to the shape, the material used for the loafers can be quite different. There are loafers

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What material the shoes are made of depends heavily on the price of the shoes and their use. Especially with very cheap shoes is often used to synthetic leather or other synthetic materials. For shoes of the higher price segment, leather upholstery is usually standard.

When choosing his loafers, especially people who are prone to tread should pay attention to shoes that are made of natural materials. Because these let the foot breathe, whereas synthetic materials cause sauna climate in the shoe.

Material and shape, however, always adapt to the intended use of the loafers. For example, there will not be a sports shoe on the market that is pointed at the front and has a heel. Just as an elegant shoe does not have the typical mesh for a sporty shoe.

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