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Men’s watches

A men’s watch is often considered a status symbol. In many families, the grandfather’s clock is passed on to his son and grandson. Men’s watches often have functions such as the depth gauge on the diver’s watch or the tachymeter (stop function) on the pilot’s watch. The men’s watch is usually larger and coarser than the ladies’ watch.

Classification of the category men’s watches

Men’s watches are specially made for men wristwatches, which are in terms of their size usually much larger and wider and have a coarser design than women’s watches. Comparing them to models for women, they are more classic and masculine, in gold or silver, and rarely have filigree or playful traits themselves.

Status symbol and special status as an heirloom

Men’s watches are often also considered a status symbol, whereby many men attach great importance to wearing an appealing and also expensive watch. In particular, the wearing of a wristwatch from the manufacturer Rolex is considered for years as the optimum. Not infrequently it is the case that watches within the family are passed on from father to son, whereby the special status of the men’s watch is again emphasized.

In addition to timing, men’s watches mostly also have other functions. This may include a depth gauge in a diver’s watch or a stop function on a pilot’s watch.

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