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Motorcycle shoes for women

Under the term motorcycle shoe become in the trade various boots, ankle boots and shoes offered, which should be missing as an important part of the basic equipment in any biker. These shoes are a part of the protective equipment intended to protect the riders of the motorcycles, both on the road and during sport, from injury from possible falls, but also other damage caused by the weather or the bicycle itself.

The various motorcycle shoes at a glance and their applications

Motorcycle shoes are to be regarded as sports shoes and meet next to fashionable aspects, especially one protection, For the motorcycle shoes must meet certain requirements and are usually depending on the model with a stable, öoil- and petrol-repellent sole, a toe guard, a heel protector, as well as reinforcements in the ankle and shin area. A switching gain is also part of the basic equipment.

The term Motorcycle Shoe not only refers to models with a low shaft, but also models with a high shaft or ankle boots.

In addition to boots for motorcycling such as Enduro and Cross, there are also models available adapted to the special needs of recreational riders, touring riders and westerners are. Touring boots, for example, must be particularly waterproof and extremely weather-resistant, without losing breathability. In addition to the usual safety aspects, they also have to offer a certain level of comfort, so that they do not push uncomfortably when walking around the city or lead to overheating feet.

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