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Mules Shoes

What are mules?

Definition: Mules are like slippers slip shoes, so belong to the large category of slippers. The term is often synonymous with the term mule Sabot Although Sabots is a separate shoe model. Slippers and mules are two different kinds of shoes: Im Difference to slippers mules have the following characteristics:

  • They are intended as street shoes.
  • They belong to the summer shoes.
  • Mules are characterized by a wide strap.
  • They usually have a paragraph,
  • have free heels
  • and sometimes free toes.

A large Difference to slippers exists in addition in the connotation of the respective designation: with the term Mules Sex appeal and glamor are associated with the word slippers one thinks rather of comfortable, unaesthetic slippers that are anything but sexy and under which socks are usually worn.

A special model of the mules is the Marabou mules, which is intended primarily for use in the home bedroom, The front strap of this shoe model has an attachment with feathers of the Maraboutorch and therefore acts playful and wicked at the same time.

The history of the mule

Until the 18th century mules were very popular in France as Footwear of the boudoir: These shoes slipped slightly from the foot and were therefore the ideal companion for intimate encounters. Meanwhile, the mules have found their way from the bedroom to the street and enjoy great popularity due to their practical handling and their variety of variations. In the 1950s, the Spring-o-lator, a model with elastic insole, caused a sensation and became a real fashion hit. The stretchy insole was between bale and heel and was originally intended as an orthopedic insole.

The guide to mules

Why can you combine mules?

Mules lend the most diverse garments Sexyness. The classic use of this shoe is the one in combination with Neglige. It is completely unthinkable to combine sensual types of shoes like these with socks. This would completely destroy the elegance of the mule. Extremely important is when wearing mules – as with all other open shoe types – the impeccable pedicure. It does not always have to be a color matching nail polish – the Nude look often looks nobler. In summer, mules are very girlish long or short dress. Also for beach dress they look seductive. It is especially sexy when you wear mules Stretch jeans combined.

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