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Mules Shoes

What are Mules shoes?

Definition: The term Mules is often synonymous with completely different types of shoes, namely for slippers or slippers used. The women’s shoe model Mules has with them but only the property in common that you can slip into them easily. Mules are the epitome of sexiness while being comfortable to use. In the classical form of this shoe type, the following characteristics must be present:

  • Often they have a front platform heel.
  • They are characterized by a very high stiletto heel.
  • The toe is open.
  • Mules are widely cut out.

What is the difference between mules, platform sandals and peep toes?

This is not so easy to say and depends heavily on the respective model: Mules have in contrast to many platform sandals only front plateau paragraph. There are also models that manage without any plateau heels, so that could be synonymous of sandals. Peep-toes are shoes that have an open-to-the-toe and are otherwise closed, and mules also belong to this category. It turns out that the classification of some shoe models into a certain category can sometimes be difficult. Not least because of the low awareness of the term Mules and due to the aforementioned uncertainties it is not easy to buy Mules shoes on the Internet. Our favorite: The romantic title model with the roses in the transparent sole.

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