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Opanke Women’s Shoe

What is an Opanke?

Definition: The Opanke is a historic shoe in characteristic style (Opanak-style) without heel and insole and with pointed and beak-shaped, pointed toe.
Because the Opanke from a single piece of leather worked, you can compare them in their production with the moccasins. The Opanke is with the Bundschuh which is tied with a long strap and was worn already in antiquity.

The Opanke was and is worn by both men and women and therefore belongs to the category of unisex shoes.

Origin of the Opanke

The exact origin of this type of shoe is not certain. The shoes probably have Celtic origins. The shoes acted as work shoes.

Today’s use of the Opanke

Opancies are still used in the Balkans today. Opancies are worn as part of folkloric activities. For everyday life, they are far too impractical due to their shape and material. However, the shoes are very comfortable.
Some unusual shoe collections take the Opanke as a model and combine the peculiarities of the historic shoe with modern effects. Also as a souvenir, the traditional shoe is popular.

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