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Open toe booties

What are open toe booties?

Definition: Open toe booties will too Peeptoe booties or Peep ankle boots called. They belong to the category of sandals. If from Open toe booties, a symbiosis of the shoe types Peeptoes and Booties is the following characteristics available:

  • Characteristic: the open toe.
  • Partially the heel part is open.
  • Open toe booties have a higher shaft.
Open toe booties are available with different heel shapes, such as wedge heels. Also flat models are available.
For use in winter sandal-like shoe types such as open toe booties are of course not suitable because of their openings on the toes and sometimes also on the heels. But in the summer they are the eye-catcher par excellence.


Why can you combine open toe booties?

Open toe booties are ideal for combining with short skirt, So that the shaft of the shoes comes to its best, you should as possible no long pants wear to it. 3/4 pants or 7/8 pants can be perfectly combined to open toe booties.

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