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Overknees for women

The Overknee, also known by the name Overknee Boots, Overknee Boots or Thigh Highs, is a type of boot that stands out because of its overlong shaft height. In contrast to other boot models with long shafts, these are not enough for the overknees, as in the longsleeve boots, as far as the knee or as for the riding boots to the knee of the wearer or wearer, but, as the name implies, beyond the knee to the middle or to the end of the thighs.

From men's shoes to women's boots – Overknees through the ages

Overknee boots came during the 15th century but at that time were still offered exclusively as a men's shoe and worn only by men. As boots with a particularly high shaft, the boots were ideally suited to protect knees and shins during a fight or hunting against injury and weather.

In addition, models with wide reach were often used to stow things safely with them. However, the sales of Overknees was probably flat at that time. Also with uniforms belonged the Overknee Boots with Weitschaft to the fixed component. At the beginning of the 20th century, boots with high heels lost more and more importance in men's footwear, and today they can be found Over Knee Boots in menswear usually only as useful shoes, such as protective equipment, part of uniforms or fetish area.

In ladies' fashion, the overknee boots gained enormous popularity due to the Broadcast in 1961 "With umbrella, charm and melon", The main character Emma Peel combines overknees over the business costume and thus changes the image of the Overknees, which were previously worn by women mostly for erotic purposes in the home bedroom or explicitly by sex workers.

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