Evening dresses

Evening dresses are chic and usually fancy or extravagant dresses for women, which are usually worn in the evening, for example, at a ceremony or in the theater. Whether short or long, every evening dress has its own charm. Classification of the category evening dresses An evening dress exudes glamor ...

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Lace-up boots


Lace-up boots are fashionable boots for lacing. The half-high or even knee-reaching boots are mostly made of high quality leather. In addition to lace-up boots for the winter, there are also extravagant lace-up boots for warm days. Classification of the category lace-up boots Lace-up boots are a special form of ...

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Corduroy jeans

Corduroy jeans are made of fine cord or wide cord Cordhosen for men and ladies, which are cut similar to a pair of jeans. The soft and warm Cordjeans are very comfortable to wear and are especially suitable for colder days. Classification of the category corduroy jeans Corduroy is one ...

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Men’s wristwatches and ladies’ wristwatches are available in countless designs and, above all, in price ranges, from simple fashion jewelery to high-end luxury wristwatches. Watchbands are usually made of metal, plastic or leather. Classification of the category wristwatches A wristwatch is a watch that is worn on the wrist. The ...

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sabots pointus naturels

What are sabots? Definition: The French term Sabot (Fr. hoof) originally served only to designate clogs. The English term for this shoe type is clogs, The scope of meaning of both terms has meanwhile expanded significantly and no longer refers exclusively to clogs.   Sabots in their original denomination What ...

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Leather tops


Not only friends of the Wild West or motorcycle enthusiasts will find leather tops, even modern women who like to wear leather and fancy or extravagant clothes are well advised with a normal or cropped leather top. Classification of the category leather tops As a top one calls a rather ...

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Ladies Watches

Fashion Printed Leather Ladies Watches Diamond Rose Pattern Gold Shell  Quartz Watch Women Girl Party Gift New Causal Dress Watch 24 Hour  Wristwatch Watch

Many women have several wristwatches to suit each outfit. Especially on official occasions a suitable clock for the clock should be chosen, otherwise the outfit is no longer consistent. As a rule, women’s watches are smaller and more filigree than men’s watches and have a narrower and more playful watch ...

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Peep Toe Ankle Boots

Cute Black Suede Booties - Black Ankle Booties - Peep-Toe Booties

What are Peeptoe Ankle Boots? Definition: Peep ankle boots (with and without hyphen) will be too Peeptoe booties or Open-toe booties called. All these terms are therefore by no means different types of shoes. This shoe type belongs to the category of sandals, so it is a mixture of sandals ...

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Finger gloves

Reusable Rubber Finger Gloves(tm) for Durable and Versatile Finger Only  Coverage ~ 12

Finger gloves are gloves that cover the whole hand, from the wrist to the individual fingers. The entire glove with the individual finger chambers is often fed to warm the very cold-sensitive fingers and thumbs. Classification of the category finger gloves A finger glove is a glove in which you ...

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0 Rolled On Baggy Chinos Brown EDYNP03134 DC Shoes

Chinos are originally American Army-derived cotton trousers, also known as khaki. The khaki pants, which are usually available in light beige tones, are particularly light and therefore ideal for the summer. Classification of the category Chinos The term “chino” refers to a special type of trousers made of cotton twill. ...

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