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Pearl Necklaces

No matter if real or fake, white or colored beads, fashionable pearl necklaces are among the most popular pieces of jewelery among women. High-quality pearl necklaces made of freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls are above all elegant and timeless.

Classification of the category pearl necklaces

The pearl necklace is one of the most classic pieces of jewelry and has been worn for decades by women of all ages. Pearls will probably never go out of style in terms of how they are made into jewelery because they are simply considered by many to be timelessly beautiful, elegant and stylish.

Types of chains and beads

During production, the beads are strung together in a chain, with the number of beads naturally varying with the desired length of the necklace. Most of the time, short pearl necklaces are worn to emphasize a nice neckline. In longer forms, sometimes reaching to the navel, you can see them less.

For the production of pearl necklaces today are almost exclusively no real pearls that are grown freely in nature, but used cultured pearls, which grow mostly in shell baskets in the sea over several years. These can come from different regions of the earth and different waters. That’s the case, for example

  • Tahitian pearls
  • Akoya saltwater pearls
  • South Sea pearls or
  • Freshwater pearls.

quality features

Depending on the quality of the pearl, that is depending on the

  • size
  • shape
  • purity
  • Color and
  • the sheen of the pearl surface, the chandelier,

Accordingly, the price is determined.

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