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Peep Toe Ankle Boots

What are Peeptoe Ankle Boots?

Definition: Peep ankle boots (with and without hyphen) will be too Peeptoe booties or Open-toe booties called. All these terms are therefore by no means different types of shoes. This shoe type belongs to the category of sandals, so it is a mixture of sandals and ankle boots. Peeptoe ankle boots are characterized by the following properties:

  • The toes are always free.
  • On some shoe models, the heels are also free.
  • They have a higher shaft.

Peep ankle boots Available with flat heels or with wedge heel, with stiletto heel or with wide heel. If you do not want to wear shoes with your bare feet, you can get one underneath Tights attract. Socks are to this shoe type – as well as to all other open shoes – but taboo. Stylish peep-toe ankle boots make for admiring looks in the summer, while well-groomed toenails look great on this shoe type.


Pair peep toe ankle boots

This shoe type is perfect for combining with short skirts. Peeptoe ankle boots should not be combined with trousers that are too long, as this will hide the characteristic upper (except for cigarette pants, carrot pants and harem pants). Short pants, 3/4 pants or for different lengths Skirts Ideal for pairing with peep toe ankle boots.

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