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Peep toe ballerinas for women

Ballerinas have long been one of the classic and most popular shoes for the summer. The problem: if you bother and the color of the Toenails on the outfit tunesUnfortunately this is never shown in Ballerinas. The solution to the problem: Peeptoe Ballerinas!

Show your toes!

The characteristics of these shoes are explained by the naming almost by itself. In addition to the classic ballerina characteristics – flat soles, open spans, simple design – These special models feature an open toe area commonly known as the Peeptoe. What used to be a feature of certain pumps for a long time can now be found in many different shoe models. Ankle boots, boots, ankle boots and even ballerinas now prove courage to the gap and not proud to present perfectly painted nails.

In addition to the basic properties, the Peeptoe Ballerinas have many more features that lead to countless different types in all sizes. Especially the material of the shoes ensures that the variety the right model for every taste ready. Leading brands like Buffalo However, not only the material leather is loved. Especially lace and fabric ensure that the peeptoe looks extra summery and airy. Especially hip are peep toe ballerinas with cut-off optics.

These models not only have a missing tip, but also other "cut out" parts. This design creates a look that is not only incredible modern and chic, but also airy-light is. The summery look of the shoes is underlined by bright and elegant colors. In addition to the classic black, especially white and cream are very popular. Also metallic colors like gold, silver and bronze are well suited and match the sophisticated look of the Peeptoe Ballerinas.

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