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Penny Loafer

What are penny loafers?

Definition: Penny loafers is synonymous with the term College Shoe or Loafer, The following features must be present, so that one can speak of a penny loafer:

  • low heel
  • small slit in the shaft bridge over the instep

The name Penny loafers This is because it is said that the students used to put their lucky pennies in the slot in the shaft bridge. This type of shoe belongs to the category of unisex shoes and to the category of slip shoes.

The Penny Loafer Guide

Why can you combine Penny Loafer?

Today you can not wear college shoes and many other types of shoes, as was done in the 80s, with colorful socks. Instead, you should either wear Penny Loafer barefoot or combine it with footlets.

Are penny loafers the perfect shoes for the office?

Models in brown, black or dark gray look classic and unobtrusive. If you want to be on the safe side, Penny Loafer attracts you to the office, and that’s the right way to go – unless you’re working in an area where it’s important to always follow the latest shoe fashion. Who penny loafers to one Pleated pants or to one 3/4 trousers combined, definitely well-dressed.

Are loafers in or out?

The Penny Loafer is a classic shoe and will probably never go out of style. Last but not least, this may be because these shoes are practical, comfortable and at the same time elegant.

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