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Platform sandal for women

Plateau sandals belong to one of the oldest footwear forms in the world, the sandal, the in almost all cultural spheres of men, women and children of all social classes becomes. Since high heel shoes are considered to be women’s shoes in Germany, with a few exceptions, sandals with a platform are only offered in women’s footwear and therefore in the standard shoe sizes for women. Models for men or women with very large feet can still be found in special fetish shops, which also offer plateau sandals for persons with larger feet for sale.


The platform heel – a true classic


The plateau heel is a relatively old heel shape, unlike other types of heels such as the wedge heel already in the 15th century in England, Spain, Italy and France caused a sensation and at that time among the Designations Zoccoli or stilt shoe was sold. In its former form, the stiletto shoe was composed of the actual shoe and a wooden block, the plateau, where the wooden block was strapped under the soles and visually extended the legs. At that time the shoe trend was reserved for the ladies. Depending on culture and time, the platform was also considered acceptable by men, for example in the days of glam rock and the hippie movement or in the still active techno and rave scene. Today, the height of the plateau is usually much more moderate than in the Zoccoli shoes, which could be up to 20 inches high and the heel itself is no longer bound from the outside of the shoe, but is integrated into the shoe.


A platform heel is now glued or welted with footwear and gives the shoe thereby stability and the wearer one good walking comfort, Plateau heels enjoy great popularity today and are combined with a variety of shoe basic shapes, such as ankle boots, boots or sneakers. Very popular for the summer and the associated temperatures are platform sandals, which make a long leg without restricting walking comfort too much. Through the continuous sole and the so very large surface area There is a better distribution of body weight, as in a stiletto or funnel paragraph, so that the feet do not tire so quickly and the Risk of kinking less is. The platform of the sandals can be relatively flat and so the sole thickness for everyday shoes is usually three to five centimeters, while for the evening or special occasions quite models with a high heel height from ten inches to find in the trade. Tuned to it, an additional paragraph can be combined, which provides for further centimeters. This makes the unisex sandal a playful or exciting lady’s shoe, which makes a great leg line and steers the eye on the legs.


The in the shoe trade usual heights of up to ten inches can still be outbid. Those who like it even more unusual can find sandals with platform soles in special stores for fetish use between ten and 23 centimeters high are. Due to their height, however, these models are less intended for everyday use, as standing and walking are not restricted.

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