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Platform Shoes

What are platform shoes?

Definition: Based on the term platform shoes There are many shoe models that share the following characteristic: they have a higher heel at the front of the shoe.

Which garments can be combined with platform shoes?

Platform shoes are ideal for knee length skirt or dress combine. Decisive for the effect of shoes with plateau heels is on the one hand the height of the heels, on the other hand also the size of the woman:

At first glance, platform shoes may be ideal for small women because of their usually high heel height. However, her full-length heel ensures that the shoe looks rather chunky – and that’s exactly what small women should avoid and instead rather optically stretching shoes resort to filigree heels. Who wants to avoid that plateau shoes seem too bulky, can do this floor-length pants combine. That makes really long legs! More tips for small women can be found here.


The story of the platform shoes

Shoes with platform heels were first worn in 1937 – it was a pair of sandals with high cork soles. In 1938 these shoes were made as beachwear in the USA. In this case, platform shoes with lower heel height were produced for day shoes, and models with higher platform soles for evening shoes. At first, this shoe was not easy to sell. Too unusual was the sight of the thick sole. When the actress Carmen Miranda, who always wore brand shoes, became famous in 1943, this made plateau shoes popular. From August 1944, extremely high platform shoes with wooden soles were the fashion hit par excellence in Paris. As a result, this shoe became popular in the US and England, while in France this fashion was lost. The trend to wear platform shoes lasted until the 1950s in France and the US. The shoes, which had transitional extremely high heels, lost after 1975 again in height.

As Jonathan Walford notes in his book, The Seductive Shoe, the platform sole began and ended its existence as a beach sandal. Since 1954, platform shoes were no longer used as daywear and evening shoes: they were replaced by rubber flip flops.

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