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Originally from the Indians of South America ponchos are a kind of coats or jackets, which have no zipper o .., but only have a mouth over the head cover over, similar to a rain cape.

Classification of the category Ponchos

The poncho is considered as traditional outerwear of the Indians of Central and South America. Specifically, it has its roots in the Mapuche, an Indian people living in the southern regions of Chile. Initially, the poncho represents a rectangular piece of cloth with an elongated slot in the middle, through which the wearer sticks his head to carry the poncho, similar to a coat, over his shoulders.

If the poncho at first served solely to protect its wearer from rain and water, it has now become a fashionable accessory for ladies’ wear.

Popular combination options

So Ponchos come out as a stylish alternative to the coat at the moment very big. The usually wide-cut ruffles without sleeves can be combined as desired with other garments and are therefore suitable for almost any occasion.

From a sporting point of view, ponchos are ideal

wear while leaning against it for an elegant appearance


The optimal length

When it comes to optimal styling, it’s important to remember the following: While it’s advisable for small women to grab half-length ponchos, tall women should opt for the knee-length alternative to better accentuate their proportions. No matter which variant woman should choose – with the variety of different models in different shapes, colors and materials, everyone will surely find their favorite piece.

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