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Pony Heels

What are pony heels?

Pony heels are often available in the most unusual designs: the shoes, sometimes too Pony shoes There are spiky sole, stud detailing, glitter appliqués and very often also cut outs (these are decorative openings on the surface of the shoe). Sometimes pony heels even have animal styles. Due to their extremely eye-catching appearance, pony heels are fashionably very controversial. The difficulty that non-ballet dancers experience when walking on these extremely high heels is probably another reason that pony heels are not particularly common. 

Definition: When Pony heels One refers to a special kind of platform shoes. The salient feature common to all pony heels is the platform sole underneath the front of the shoe, whose combination with a levitating heel provides the shoes with a bizarre look. The platform sole of the pony heels is extremely high, which is why the shoes are also called “heels”. In addition, many pony heels have a lockable strap, making this shoe a symbiosis of platform shoes and barrettes.

The Guide to Pony Heels

Why can you combine pony heels?

First of all: Small women should avoid pony heels if possible, because they do not help to stretch the silhouette visually due to their chunky shape – they do exactly the opposite (more tips for small women can be found here). To compensate for the extremely eye-catching shoes – and not to steal the show from the pony heels – it’s best to combine them with dark, tight trousers. For example, this could be black leggings or dark gray stretch jeans. Wide trousers or wide-legged trousers are less suitable for combining with pony heels because the shoes do not look their best.

Are pony heels suitable as shoes for the office?

In particularly creative professions such as the hairdresser, pony heels can testify to the wearer’s fashion extravagance. However, a working day in these high-heeled shoes is unlikely to contribute to work safety or well-being at work. Anyone who works in a conservative company, in a bank or in the area of ​​legal advice should definitely keep their fingers off Pony Heels, as bosses, colleagues, clients or clients might feel provoked. As shoes to go out pony heels are always suitable, because a striking – if not always a positive – is guaranteed with them.

Should I drive with Pony Heels car?

It was clearly not recommended to use shoes with high heels for driving. Whoever wears pony heels lacks the necessary feeling when driving a car, which is necessary for the optimal operation of the pedals. To avoid driving insecurity, wear low-heeled shoes, or preferably flat shoes, while driving.

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