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Puschen for ladies

The word Puschen is a regionally used term for the shoe category Slippers and covers depending on the region Slippers with heel part or slippers without heel. Especially in the northern parts of Germany, the term Puschen is common and becomes synonymous with the words Slippers, slippers, slippers or slippers used. Puschen are offered for ladies, men and children, as well as for babies and teenagers and are therefore available in all standard shoe sizes. Next Unisex models There are also pairs that are specially tuned to the anatomical features of men or women, such as a narrower or wider cut.

Puschen – slippers with tradition

The term Puschen probably goes back to the Persian word for footwear and describes all shoes that are intended for wearing in your own home. Socks are sometimes different very soft shoes in that they must have a sole in order to be counted to the category of slippers.

Since ancient times, the wearing of slippers is practiced. At that time it was mostly woolen shoes, the knitted by myself were and in their form have parallels to today's popular shoe shoe model. Not only in Europe, but also in Asia, the use of Puschen is an old tradition, which is still maintained today. In contrast to the European area, in some Asian countries such as Japan but two types of pushes There are slippers for the interiors of the house and a second pair, which is worn only when entering the bathroom or when using the toilet.

Buy a push is of course a matter of taste. Depending on the age and sex of the buyer can be found in the trade of various models and types various materials,

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