Quality Food originator on assessments of the chain after a rush of poisonings



The Healthy Food chain, whose food from candy machines has been connected to the harming of
very nearly 30 office workers, is being examined by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer
Privileges Protection and Human Welfare. Organization organizer Dmitry Pronin let Forbes know what happens to
the business during the assessment
"The pole is broken, there is a break in the boat, yet we are scooping out water with the entirety
group. We stay optimistic, yet plan for the worst," Dmitry Pronin, author of Healthy Food, told

On 16 July, the Moscow office of Rospotrebnadzor sent off an examination concerning 28 episodes of
harming of office representatives. Quickly before their condition deteriorated, the casualties had eaten food
from Healthy Food candy machines introduced in business habitats. Seventeen individuals have been
hospitalized with a starter finding of salmonellosis. Rospotrebnadzor said it had found
infringement at Healthy Food creation offices – defective refrigeration hardware, resistance with
temperature capacity standards, "overdue", and so forth

Forbes requested that Pronin remark on the clean agency's claims against the organization.

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"First of all, I need to communicate my compassion to every one of the people in question. I, when all is said and done, was severely harmed two times in the
Crimea at a games instructional course and I comprehend this condition," Pronin stresses. He not one or the other
affirms nor prevents the association from getting his food to the harming episodes: "Every day individuals eat 4-6
times in better places. What’s more, each day there are food contaminations. I can’t currently assume liability
what’s more, say that the reason for poisonings is connected with my company's work. In any case, I can’t say the inverse
right now since it is in my enterprising gamble zone. We are hanging tight for the aftereffects of tests.

Pronin guarantees that he has never settled on any expense cutting choices that would have impacted the
nature of the items.

As indicated by him, Rospotrebnadzor officials came to review the company's creation shop in the
modern zone of Moscow's South-Eastern District on Sunday, 14 July. On those days, the creation
office was going through a stock check. For that reason there were terminated items in the shop,
guarantees Pronin: the "expired" items were being ready for removal as opposed to being expected
available to be purchased. As indicated by the business visionary, the officials have presented an assessment report on the
creation and presently they are planning to take the fundamental records to complete a
more careful investigation.

During the examination the company's work has been totally suspended – creation, a chain of
candy machines and Healthy Food bistro have been shut. A couple of clients have deserted the
company's benefits yet "most of the accomplices support the project". Pronin couldn’t give a date for
the finish of the procedures.

Pronin called the result of the case erratic: "I can either lose everything, or I can clear
myself totally, recover the trust of my clients and keep making every moment count.

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Nor has he affirmed or denied the likelihood that the charges were manufactured by contenders or
controllers. "You are not quick to ask me this. I have been occupied with good dieting for 10
years and have to be sure made another specialty in Russia. Be that as it may, to propose who could have crossed the
street, I cannot," finishes up the business person.

Rospotrebnadzor delegate didn’t answer Forbes' demand at the hour of distribution.

ZOZH from Tsvetkov
Aside from candy machines, Dmitry Pronin has a chain of quality food outlets called Healthy Food.
The ventures work for the benefit of various legitimate elements – as per SPARK, the candy machines
are enlisted to LLC "To the moon and back", the bistro to LLC "Gorshochek, vari!

Nikolay Tsvetkov, the author of Uralsib Corporation, a notable proficient of sound living, has
possessed 54% of Potsochochek, Vari! starting around 2017. His fortune was assessed by Forbes magazine in
2015 at $1.25bn (he was excluded from the most extravagant Russian financial specialists positioning later).

Gone to nirvana: how Nikolai Tsvetkov constructed corporate culture at Uralsib

Pronin worked at Uralsib in the mid 2000s under Tsvetkov. The money manager declined to remark
on his relationship with the bank originator.

Tsvetkov answered Forbes that he had no association with the candy machine business. "I am
involved as an aloof financial backer in the bistro chain. What’s more, I am not the slightest bit engaged with the company's To the
Moon and Back projects. There are different financial backers there," remarked the previous head of Uralsib.

Pronin is a 44-year-old Uralsib worker (he regulated the bank's advancement projects), a
graduate of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, and a marathon runner. In 2009, he opened
Good Food, one of the primary quality food bistro chains in Moscow, then, at that point, imagined 'healthy vending'

with cheesecakes, and in 2017 he sent off 'trust stations', refrigerated show situations where lunch
can basically be removed the rack and afterward paid for yourself utilizing a terminal. Pronin himself gauges
that in 2017, the business brought him in excess of 200 million roubles in income and around 30
million roubles in benefit.

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