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Rain jackets

Rain jackets, sometimes referred to as windbreakers, are made of water repellent material and protect the body and clothing from rain and wind. High-quality rain jackets let absolutely no moisture through and are also breathable.

Classification of the category rain jackets

When it rains outside, most people would not want to take a step outside the door. Because despite Umbrella can usually not be avoided, get the one or the other splashes. For rain-shyness, there are therefore rain jackets that protect clothing, skin and hairstyle from the cool wet. Such jackets can easily be pulled over the normal outfit.

Features and Designs

They are made of a water-repellent, mostly synthetic material and usually have a hood. Often, rain jackets have a full-length zipper or placket closure. Some models can also be pulled over the head. The traditional color for the rain jacket is yellow.

Meanwhile, many manufacturers have come up with modern designs, so there are a large number of different patterns, colors and cuts. When buying a rain jacket, care must be taken to keep the jacket loose so as to provide clearance for underlying garments.

Pay attention to quality!

Many fashion stores offer rain jackets at reasonable prices. Here, however, it can happen that the material soaks in heavy rain and thus the rain jacket loses its function. The quality of the fabric has the highest priority and should be worth the customer a deeper grip in the wallet.

For it, comfort and waterproofness are guaranteed. This means that the carrier is equipped for any weather and does not even have to shy away from rain.

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