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Retro boots for women

There are shoes that are particularly noble, there are shoes that are suitable for sporting occasions and there are shoes that are just real eye-catchers. Undoubtedly, this last category also includes retro boots. This very special footwear takes you on a journey through time – in the Crack 20s or crazy 70s, Choose a decade! After all, vintage is not just the trend for furniture but also in fashion. Retro boots have many faces. Therefore, it is also difficult to list specific or specific characteristics. Either Design, colors, materials and details are different in almost all boots in the vintage look and can not be generalized. To still provide an overview of the stylish ankle boots and boots, they should be divided into two groups at this point: Boots in retro look of the 1920s and 1970s. Because one thing all retro boots have in common: they look like something from another time.

Moony chic of the 20s

Retro boots, which are inspired by the fashion of the 20s, stand out due to different characteristics. For one, they are mostly made of paint and often have two colors. The classic color combination is black and white, In addition, these vintage pegs are often equipped with a striking lacing up to the shaft. The material paint, button plackets and loops also often ensure that the boots look retro.

Various types in the style of the sophisticated 20s fit perfectly Charleston dresses and tight jeans, The leading brands know that too. If the shoes are additionally combined with accessories such as feather boas and hair bands, the result is an exciting look that can not only be worn at themed parties.

Those who dare, with this style can certainly on others parties and solemn occasions go and surprise and impress with it. To make the shoes look their best and not overdressed, you can combine them with a little black dress or a short jumpsuit. The result is a very exciting and sensual look that makes you look like a time traveler and looks great in all sizes.

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