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Retro pumps for women

Sexy, flashy and extravagant – these are retro pumps. Who decides on this very special shoe, must have a high degree stylishness to show the day. If this succeeds, you will be sure of a great performance thanks to these pumps.

A journey through time

If you talk about pumps in a retro look, surely almost every woman has different types in mind. That has its reason. Unlike other shoes, retro pumps in all sizes have no uniform characteristics. The property that unites them all: the shoes look like something from another time. Which this is ultimately, any Shoe lover decide for yourself.

Classic retro pumps can be influenced by all major fashion eras. Their characteristics are definitely not over the top and that's why vintage pumps come with us fashionable time travel to take.

The probably "oldest" pumps in retro look find their origin in the sumptuous period of the baroque. Opulent dresses, flowing materials, shimmering colors and the extra portion of bows and tulle are the inspiration behind Retro Pumps Baroque style, Heels make sure that the shoes are particularly seductive and also a bit dangerous.

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