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Riding boots

Riding boots have a full-length sole and are standard equipment for the rider. They are made of materials such as leather, rubber and PVC. High-quality leather riding boots are close to the leg and provide a secure grip in the saddle.

Materials and sole

A riding boot is one off

  • leather
  • Plastic or even out
  • rubber

existing boot, which is made especially for equestrian sports. A special feature of a riding boot is the continuous sole. Other road or sports shoes on the other hand have a composite of several different parts sole.

However, the soles attached to riding boots prevent a dangerous hooking in the stirrup of the saddle, which could lead to serious injuries.

Different boots for different disciplines

For the various disciplines in equitation should also be paid to the boot choice.

  • So dressage riding boots have a very soft and thin inside,

so that the best possible contact with the horse’s body can be made.

  • The boot for show jumping, on the other hand, is consistently softer from the shaft,

because he should guarantee a higher mobility. Gladly these boots are also used in the fox hunting in open terrain, as they represent a protection of the leg from branches and thorns with their fit. In addition, there are still

The Western riding boots generally have a 3/4 high shaft, as they are modeled on the cowboy boots.

However, if you prefer to take part in walking tours, then boot boots are ideal for longer tours. They are considered a combination of riding boots and hiking boots and have only a low shaft height.

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