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Running shoes for women

Running shoes are among the running shoes. They are especially geared to the needs of runners. Therefore, there are also many different types different degrees of damping, There are also models for summer and winter. So you can be active in the outdoor area throughout the year. Both for running in the forest and on the road, the right model is available. Convince yourself of the Variety of designs and find your personal test winner in the Running Shoes Test. You may even find the best one on sale.

Individual running shoes in the test

Every human being is different. That's why shoes have to be specially designed for that Requirements of the body be tailored. To find the right models for running, criteria such as

be taken into account. The higher the body weight, the stronger the cushioning needs to be. That spares the Joints, muscles and ligaments, So even the shoe can catch some energy and not everything is shifted to the joints. This is important for easy jogging as well as free running and natural running.

Another point is the Foot position of the athlete, There are over- and underpronators as well as normal runners. Depending on the type, certain pronation supports are installed in shoes. So that the shoe can optimally absorb the movement of the runner, a certain damping and stability is decisive.

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