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Sandals Shoes

The sandal is an open and summery shoe shape. It consists only of a sole and straps for attachment to the foot. Classic sandals are mostly made of leather, athletic sandals, e.g. Trekking sandals, on the other hand made of plastic.

Classification of the category sandals

The sandal is the oldest shoe shape known to man. A typical feature of the sandal is its airy lightness, because with this shoe, the sole is attached to the foot with only a few straps. Sandals have no real heel, so the sandal is a unisex shoe model.

The sole is usually very flat but may be several centimeters thick depending on usage. The leather of which the sandals are made and the exact shape of the straps is subject to fashion.

Variants and materials

Sandals are made in countless variations and combinations of materials. It is best to distinguish them by their sole. There are:

  • Cork sandals, which are often worn as a slipper.
  • Wooden sandals in which an ergonomic footbed has been carved.
  • Leather sandals, also called Roman sandals, in which the sole is made of thick, tanned smooth leather. This special sandal can only be worn in dry weather.
  • Straw sandals, which are most widespread in the Asian region and are also called Waraji.
  • Plastic sandals that are often used as bathing shoes. Especially when bathing in the sea to protect yourself from dangerous marine life such as sea urchins.
  • Trekking sandals that are insensitive to water and specially adapted to the needs of hikers.

In fact, the sandals are the most widely used shoe model in the world. They existed in the early days and will continue to exist in the future.

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