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Sandals with heel for ladies

When the sun is out and sends its warming rays to the earth, then it's time to finally leave the closed shoes in the closet again. Instead, the handle now goes to the sandal – a shoe that has probably one of the longest stories in the fashion world. The sandals with heel are the first choice for women who like it summery and elegant like at the same time.

The story of the sandal in fast-forward

"That was already in antiquity" – this saying is made all too often, but this time he actually votes. The sandals are among the oldest form of shoes and the name comes from from the Greek, Translated, it means as much as "belt shoe". In fact, it used to be nothing else. A shoe made up of several straps that made sure that air came to the foot. The goal was, above all, that the sole was held on the foot. What was at the beginning only a means to an end, shows today as one real classic,

The classic sandal actually has no heel. The paragraph is an invention of modern times. Who wants to take it exactly: sandals with heels are actually Sandals, Because when the sandal is spoken, then this is a shoe shape that can be worn by men and women alike.

Over the decades, the sandals have undergone many changes. While you at the Greeks and Romans For a long time they were among the most popular footwear, and there were times when the sandals were downright frowned upon. Open shoes were not liked, because the feet had to be hidden.

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