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Shorts pants, which are mostly made of denim, linen or solid cotton. They do not reach over the knee, in women usually up to half the thigh. In recent years, they have become particularly popular through the emerging casual style and the safari look.

Classification of the shorts category

Shorts are any short-cut pants that ends above the knee. Thus, they represent a summery trouser variant that is often worn by ladies and gentlemen on warm days.

Differences in the average

Men’s shorts are usually cut straight, close off just above the knee and are characterized by their sporty-casual look. Women’s shorts, on the other hand, tend to be shorter with regard to the cut and only reach about half of the thighs. They are also available in casual, sporty variants.


In many cases, however, they are also available in the form of more chic models, which are then usually shorts made of fabric. Often used as material are cotton blends, but also linen, which in the summer, of course, especially as air-permeable material offers.

However, shorts made of denim in various designs and washes are also currently in fashion. These are often cut shorter than usual shorts and usually also remind of especially tight hot pants.

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