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Silver jewelery

Completely or partly made of silver jewelry looks noble and beautiful. Above all, rings, necklaces and pendants, which should look simple and elegant, are made of this precious metal and often decorated with small stones.

As a silver jewelry are basically all jewelry refers to, which are made of silver. This can to be any kind of jewelry.

Characteristics of silver

For the production of this jewelry mostly 925 sterling silver is used. This means that the silver alloy has a fineness of 925 thousandths of silver. The name of this alloy comes from the British currency sterling. It is the most important silver alloy worldwide and is used in addition to jewelry, among other things, for the production of coins or cutlery.

Jewelery made from 925 sterling silver is usually identified as such in jewelry stores. In this way you know as a customer that it is real silver and not a favorable imitation, as it can often be the case with fashion jewelry.

In principle, silver jewelry is not as cheap as fashion jewelry, but affordable, in contrast to jewelry made of platinum, for example, which is much more expensive.

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