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Slingbacks for women

Even though slingbacks basically belong to the category sandals, they impress with their very feminine and above all girlish elegance, The slingback is usually very cut out and has the character and eponymous snare at the back of the ankle. So the strappy pumps are the right footwear for the little black dress or the long evening dress. But they can also be a bit more rustic, because penny heels or dainty lace do not necessarily always have to be. So also versions that have no or a block paragraph are very popular. Straps loosen up the design of the sling pumps and make the foot look daintier. With the Slingback Pumps you can also combine creative, you should only with Capri pants or mini skirt combinations be careful. Who wears his slingback to a blue jeans, is just right and it results in a wonderful combination of Sportiness and elegance, For it is precisely in the break of style that the special charm sometimes lies, for example when a girly shoe is worn with casual clothing. But the effect of course always depends on the design of the Slingpumps, which can range from subtle elegance to highly creative execution. Get some basic advice and tips here.

Slingbacks – that should be considered when buying

With the Slingbacks there is the risk of Aufwetzens due to the characteristic design with the free heel and the sling. Therefore, when buying strappy pumps you should definitely make sure that the sling is made of a comfortable, not too hard and incisive material. Also, the strappy pumps should arrived at home before so that there is no nasty surprise on the first long carry.

Slingbacks have been very popular since the 1930s and have been used many times influential movie divas carried. The slingbacks have been an evergreen ever since and will probably never go out of style. Because for an optimal effect of Riemchenpumps is always the right combination of dress style crucial. Today, more than a third of shoe buyers are willing to spend more than $ 100 on the Slingbacks purchase, as it's a true obsession with the extravagant foot jewelry available in various types of slingbacks.

And it's not just about a pair of shoes, but every woman knows that too well today. Today, on average, every woman has several pairs of slingbacks in her shoe rack. Above all, the Italians with an average of 16 pairs, followed by German shoe buyers with 9 pairs and French women with an average of 8 pairs of extravagant shoes. And that is not too surprising today, since it in the online SALE the exceptional slingbacks cheap and in different types to buy there.

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