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Slippers for men and women

If it has to go fast again, slippers are the ideal shoe choice, The models, which are very reminiscent of sneakers and actually come very sporty therefore, have the great advantage of not having shoelaces. Elastic cuffs on the sides make it easy to slip into your shoes. But despite this simplicity slippers can be very fashionable and hip.

From the skate shoe to the must have

The days when slippers were only described as skating or sports shoes are finally over. Different types, eye-catching features and the deliberate use of eye-catching material make sure that this shoe is now quite outgoing is. We owe it not least to the shoe designers. Leading brands for slipper shoes include:

Alone the versatility of the brands reveals how much is in these shoes. From sporty to elegant everything is possible. But one thing all women's slippers have in common: they are super comfortable and practical, All models pass the slipper test in everyday life and therefore have the potential to become your new favorite shoe.

The features of the slippers are explained quickly. The sole is usually quite thick and consists of rubber, The Design is straightforward and refrains from details such as bows, brooches and other applications. The material used is usually fabric, but even slippers made of leather are very popular, especially high quality and durable.

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