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Slouches for women

Slouches, also known as slouch boots or slouch boots, are a variant of the brand normal leisure boot and are offered in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Slouches are both in the shoe fashion for men, as well as in the collections for women represented and even in children and adolescents, the boots are in excess relaxed style especially good. The Slouch look is not only in fashion for accessories such as beanies or other hats, but has also conquered its place in boot and shoe fashion.

Slouch Boots – the boots, with the casual touch

The term "Slouch Boots" comes from the English word "slouch", which inter alia, with 'sit down casually' or 'lolling' is translated, and thus perfectly describes the peculiarity of the boot. In the German market, the boots are also used as boots in crumple offered.

Depending on the model and version of the boot shaft is not one rigid pipe designed, but will be directly above the Upper wrinkled or crumpled. In some models, even parts of the upper leather are bruised. The crumple look is usually over parts or the whole shaft away and gives the boot a relaxed and casual look.

Both in the collections of trendy designers and labels, as well as in the shoe shops and fashion houses of the middle and lower price ranges you will find a variety of boots in crumple look. Leading providers include:

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