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Spaghetti Tops

A spaghetti top refers to a top with very narrow straps. It is tight fitting, slim cut and in most cases has a small to medium sized neckline. The straps are often more elastic and resistant than the fabric of the tops because they have to withstand more load to keep the female body covered. Spaghetti-Tops are available in all conceivable patterns, colors and fabrics; however, the most popular are monochrome cotton or cotton blend tops.

Classification of the category spaghetti-tops

Spaghetti tops are a variant of women’s outerwear and are often worn as a fashionable and at the same time airy top, especially in summery temperatures. They have been an integral part of women’s fashion for years, are in vogue every year and are part of the wardrobe of women of all ages.

Features and Designs

Characteristic are her two straight over the shoulders running, thin carrier. Because of this very narrow carrier shape, these are also called spaghetti straps, which also explains the name spaghetti top. Spaghetti-tops are available in all imaginable designs and colors and they are available in classic plain or patterned or with print.

The price segment is just as different, as spaghetti tops in all price ranges are available, from a low-priced spaghetti top from a fashion discounter to a sophisticated designer piece. All models share the figure-hugging, body-hugging cut and the fact that spaghetti tops are mostly made of cotton and spandex is always used to give the stretch of such a top.

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