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Sport shoes

Sports footwear generally refers to sneakers, running shoes and all shoes designed for specific sports. The right sports shoe can provide protection against overload damage and injuries. To ensure this and a good athletic performance, but it should be adjusted exactly and adapted to the sport

Classification of the category sports shoes

Formerly called the sneaker sports shoe; For at the time of the previous generations, only one shoe originally designed for gymnastics in the hall was used.

Today’s sports shoe models

In the meantime, special models have been established in every sport


have their very specific forms and idiosyncrasies.


The first sports shoes come from England and were developed around 1860 for cricket games. The rubber-soled English canvas shoe served as an example to the later American basketball boots that are still known as Chucks in fashion today. The comfortable linen sports shoe first became popular in tennis in America in the 1920s and later gained another popularity boost with the youth idol James Dean.

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