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Spring bags
The perfect everyday bag or the exclusive party the clutch; Spring bags offers everything from simple classics to color and patterned in various shapes and sizes. We find both straw bags, circle shaped in this season’s fashion.


Whether you are working or studying, we all need that perfect everyday bag that holds everything necessary that may be needed in one day. Everything from lunch box, hand cream, keys, phone and other things that might be needed has to fit. At the same time, you want a bag that is nice and not too unwieldy since you must lug it with you to school or work each day.


Just like last year’s straw bag a big fashion favorite in spring and summer. In the shop you will find the classic beach bag but also new fun designs like round and in different colors.


A bag will not only be practical, but it’s also an extra detail to your outfit. Choose a fun and someone who stands out a bit in a daring color or pattern and allows the bag to a luxury accessory.

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