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Squash shoes for women

Squash was the trend sport in the 1980s. But even today Squash enjoys the boom of that time greatest popularity, In the mid-19th century, squash was played in England and quickly spread to the English colonies. In Germany, the first squash court was built in the 1930s and became very popular. After the Second World War Squash but fell into oblivion in this country. In Hamburg, only publicly accessible courts were built in 1973 and thus began their triumphant advance in Germany. To this day the sport is in Germany very popular and there are many fans this sport. If you want to play or start playing, the right squash shoes are extremely important. Because the abrupt and constant changes of direction of a player make high demands on the shoes in terms of stability and traction. Decisive factors in the choice of squash shoes are Stability, cushioning, non-slip soles as well as determining the ideal shoe size. High-quality shoes for squash provide a high level of comfort and maximum performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Squash shoes test

Squash shoes often score very well in the test. Because here are often the high quality brands mentioned that have proven themselves and very good quality respectively. At the same time in the squash shoes test less copies are rated as less positive and their shortcomings are made clear.

Therefore, a test for the prospect is extremely important and important. This makes it easier to decide which shoes to buy for the sport. Because the jury shares in the test many areas of Advantages and disadvantages of certain squash shoes with, which represent the prospective important information. Thanks to the test, the interested party is more likely to find the best squash shoes for him.

You will find leading brands in squash shoes. These include:

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