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What are stilettos?

Definition: stilettos is a synonym for the more common term high heels, Originally, the term served Stiletto (Ital. stiletto = Stitch weapon) to designate the characteristic pointed pencil heel. This shoe type belongs to the category of pumps and has the following characteristics:

  • The heels are at least 10 cm high.
  • Stilettos usually have a pencil heel. However, this is not a mandatory feature of this type of shoe, as it is also plateau or wedgeStilettos to buy there.
  • Stilettos often have an open front. However, that too is not a necessary feature. Therefore, where the line between stilettos and Stiefelette lies, it can not be decided in some cases.

The conceptual chaos surrounding the stilettos

As another synonym for the term stilettos will be next high heels also the word high heels used. The latter also serves as the parent category term for high heels or stilettos, ie for shoe types with high heels. In addition, the term high heels synonymous for the term pumps. The popular TV show “Sex and the city” has largely contributed to the popularity of the term stilettos contributed and probably promoted the sale of the so-called shoes.

The history of stilettos

Stiletto heels were used in the 19th century to visually reduce the size of the feet. Small shoes were already considered chic at this time. In addition, the characteristic attitude that a woman takes when wearing high-heeled shoes, the so-called “Greek curvature”, was appreciated at that time. In contradiction to this, it was at the same time badly talked about women who wore stiletto heels. Under threat of health consequences, an attempt was made to drive the stiletto-loving women out of their passion for high-heeled shoes.

The guide to stilettos

What is the difference with Skyscrapers?

The main difference between stilettos and skyscrapers lies in the height of the heels: the heels of skyscrapers are at least 14 cm high, while the minimum height of stilettos is 10 cm.

Does wearing stilettos have a negative impact on your health?

Heels up to 5 cm are not dangerous to health. However, since Stiletto heels are higher than 10 cm, they should not be worn daily if possible. Women who are passionate about shoes do not like to hear such messages and even take health risks for their enjoyment of high heels. If stiletto heels are worn too often, it causes the Calf muscles shortened, which can also reduce the length of the hip, so that in some cases pain in the lumbar spine comes. In addition, the frequent wearing of high-heeled shoe types such as stilettos can be an already existing tendency to one hollow back reinforce further.

Which garments can be used to combine stilettos?

Shoes with stiletto heels are a real slimming product, as the narrow heels visually lengthen the legs. Stilettos are particularly good when used with a mini-skirt be combined. In this way two tricks cause an optical extension of the legs. In terms of combination, stilettos are true all-rounders: only to avoid is the combination with to loose pants. This rule applies especially to small women (more tips for small women are available here). If stilettos are worn with an open front, it goes without saying that you should not combine them with socks or stockings – just like all other open shoe types. To avoid this fashion sin, you should rather slip barefoot in your shoes or choose a color matching tights.

How can you learn to walk on stilettos?

There are special courses available, where you can learn how to run on high-heeled shoes. The free alternative to such trainings is the consumption of model shows on television and practicing in front of the home mirror. As with the many other things also applies to running with stiletto Heels: Practice makes perfect!

The basic requirements for a safe walk in stilettos are that the shoes are really good and that the sole is not too smooth. When buying stilettos, care should also be taken to ensure that the shoe holders nestle comfortably against the skin and do not cut it.

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