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Especially the beautiful and rich make it to the ladies before: Stilettos belong to any elegant woman in the shoe rack. The stiletto shoes are characterized by their very thin heel, the so-called stiletto heel, as well as their very pointed toe. The heel height is usually over ten inches. Running on stilettos is not easy and requires a lot of practice.

Stilettos are one of the special shoe models for women and are always in fashion.


Characteristic of this shoe variant are in particular the very high heels, which go well beyond the 5 centimeters and are also very narrow, so that there is only a small sales area, on which it is possible for the wearer to occur.

As a rule, stilettos, which are often referred to simply as stiletto heels in everyday usage, are pumps with a very high heel that can be both pointed and rounded at the front. Also available are variants in which the stiletto is cut in the peep-toe style, which also emphasizes the toes of the wearer.

possible combinations

Stilettos can be worn very well with all elegant, chic outfits, but also with the more serious business look or with trendy skinny jeans and leggings.

In any case, stilettos are always considered to be particularly sexy eye-catchers and make the wearer look very feminine. The femininity of the woman is ideally emphasized, whereby this type of shoe is also preferred by men in women.

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