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Strappy sandals for women

When temperatures raise mercury in the thermometer, it's high time Banish boots, boots and Co. in the closet and to get out lightweight models like flip flops, clogs and sandals. A particularly popular model are strappy sandals every summer – light and yet firmly attached to the foot they are the Perfect companion for every situation and all occasions, The features of these shoes range from classic-elegant over sporty to romantic-playful. Here every woman finds the right sandal for herself.

Strappy sandals – fleet-footed summer companions

Leading brands know: No summer without strappy sandals. Why? That's obvious. These airy-lightweight models provide a perfect freshness feeling "downstairs" and neglect the style factor under no circumstances. The features of strappy sandals are – the name suggests – the straps in all colors, shapes and variations. Countless different types laugh at the ladies in every season from the shop windows and make sure that you can hardly decide.
Was the classic sandal earlier treated rather neglected and rather in the niche "purse" turned off, she is now a masterpiece of shoe art. Material, colors, applications, details and designs are so different that each sandal has its own unique look and charm. Leading brands are no longer just experimenting with the material (leather is still very much in demand), but also with the details, which are becoming ever more unusual and exciting. Colorful, stitched beads, shells, with rhinestones, glitter or mother-of-pearl effect in all sizes – the designers always come up with something new. The ladies like it.
Also with the colors it may like to become a bit more. In addition to the classic colors

The metallic tones silver, gold and bronze are absolutely hip. Also very trendy and perfect for the summer: berry nuances, coral and mint green.

The biggest advantage of strappy sandals: yours everyday practicality, Most strappy sandals have a flat sole or a small heelMaking the shoes become true comfort oases for the foot. Shopping trip, walk in the park or even as a companion in the office (If the dress code allows) – The sandals have their big show everywhere. But also festive occasions such as weddings or birthdays are ideal for the new pair of sandals with straps. Depending on the type of event, either classic or playful strappy sandals can be used. While classic leather sandals in black Very chic and noble look and also fit the fine dress, strappy sandals with flower or shell applications are the perfect choice, if it may be a bit casual.

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