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Stretch pants

Stretch pants are particularly elastic pants for women. They are very varied and available in both a sporty and chic look. Stretch pants are also popular as maternity pants during pregnancy due to their comfortable fit.

Classification of the category stretch pants

Characteristics of the substance

The name of the stretch pants is due to the material used – namely different stretch fabrics. “To Stretch” in English means “stretching”, and in fact stretchability is the primary feature of these fabrics. It is by no means a matter of stiff, inflexible fabrics – on the contrary, the weaving of elastic synthetic fiber threads achieves an effect which, on the one hand, makes the textiles that develop later soft and cuddly, but on the other hand also dimensionally stable.


Especially with pants, it depends on most wearers that they

  • sit well
  • have an optimal fit and do not constrict.

In addition, the leg dress should have these features and its quite high resilience as well

to keep. Stretch pants meet all these demands – they sit like a second skin, but do not tie up anywhere and make any movement.

Different versions

There are relatively small stretch models that are a bit more forgiving than traditional fabric trousers; In addition, there are also stretch pants with a very high proportion, which also withstand strong strains permanently. So you will find the right variant for every type of figure. Particularly popular are so-called stretch jeans, which combine the advantages of both types of pants perfectly together.

The concern about pinching or slipping cuffs, unpleasant drape or a cramped feeling is passé when choosing a stretch pants. In addition to the sporty jeans models stretch fabric is also used in many other everyday, business or festive pants, even classics such as pinstripe pants are available in the stretch version.

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