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Striped pants

Stripe trousers are fashionable women’s and men’s trousers for spring or summer. The mostly colored and more or less thick stripes provided, comfortable to wear trousers are usually made of pure cotton or fine linen.

Classification of the category striped pants

Striped pants are light, comfortable and airy. Therefore, they are a popular trend for men and women, especially in the warmer months.

Materials and properties

Stripe pants are usually off manufactured.

  • hard-wearing
  • elastic and
  • breathable.

Popular colors and looks

Striped pants are simply part of the wardrobe of children, adolescents and adults. A classic among the striped pants is the pinstripe pants, which are often part of trouser suits and can thus be combined to form an elegant outfit.

Usually a dark trousers are provided with subtle white or cream-colored vertical stripes. This is done by incorporating warp threads in the fabric. The term pinstripe describes the resulting delicate stripes in the tissue. Stripe pants can also be more eye-catching and colorful. For example, there are pants with wider and different colored stripes.

Stripe pants can be worn on a variety of occasions. Depending on the color and workmanship, they will match the everyday wardrobe as well as the way you look and the business look. If the style of the stripes is low, striped pants can make the legs look longer and slimmer. This is especially the case with thin, discreet stripes.

Stripe pants are modern and easy to care for. They give the outfit an individual touch, promise incomparable comfort and can also conceal minor problem areas. That is why they are among the timeless classics under the leg dresses.

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