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hawaiian shirt for womens

The Hawaiian shirt celebrating just hundredth comeback: be felt no wonder, after all the hot summer provides tropical feelings. To throw a colorful printed and loose-fit shirt over the sweaty body, so seems the best solution to be to make the heat wave a little more bearable.

The times, in which the iconic piece of clothing mostly was worn by portly men with hairy chest and socks in sandals combination, are fortunately long gone. This simple styling tricks, your shirt will be the real fashion it piece!

Most important rule: the courage to the pattern

The patterns, there are no limits: Hibiscus flowers, surfers, Hula girls, volcanic landscapes and waves – everything is possible and allowed is what I like.
So dare you! As in all fashionable extravagances, self-confidence is the most important base style sure to carry some trend like the Hawaiian shirt! Pull it out of conviction and enjoy the very special summer feeling.

Simply combine

Because the shirt is striking enough, you should combine it with neutral colors such as dark blue, grey, beige, or bright colours. A screaming print in combination with other strident colors is perhaps brave, but not really to do much with style.

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